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08.08.12funny music noteFirst new song arrived! It called 'Stolby' what means 'Poles'. Recorded at Punch Studio, Bryansk, RU. Mixed by Babashov Aleksey, Saint-Petersburg. Track available in Media section.

16.07.12funny music noteFour new tracks recorded (instrumental parts). We're plan to record vocals in 20-21 of July.

07.07.12ElvisWe're playing in "Rock-City Club" (Bryansk) at Sunday, 8 of July. Hope it will be great! Other bands are 'Scholastica' and 'Nav'

surpriseAccidentaly we've found our remix "Bespontovy" as background music for some trailer, made by some English guys. Great!

funny music note New remix arrived! Our friend Alexei Babashov <aka Lekseich> gotta 'Nishtyaki' covered. Take a look into Media section!